Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Cat in the Hat Fiesta!

I was thrilled this year when my twins, Scout and Sawyer, started getting into the Cat in the Hat cartoons.  Finally, I could throw them a Thing 1 Thing 2 party without feeling entirely selfish about it.  Now, it wasn't just about my desire to throw a party with an adorable theme, it was also about how ecstatic my 2 year olds would be when they saw pictures of the Cat in the Hat all over (that's what I tell myself, anyway...).

As always, I simply stole any and every idea I had from other bloggers.  As my hubby says, I am "a pirate, not a pioneer".  Another friend, however, in an effort to reassure me of my creativity, reminded me that originality is simply the art of "remembering what you heard but forgetting where you heard it."  :)  

So here are some of the details of the party:

I love making birthday banners for my kiddos special days.  I leave it up all week to make them feel special (or is it because I don't want all my hard work to last only for one day...hmmm).

This was the birthday goodies table.  I basically just imitated this party here at Annie Eats.  The flowers on the wall were my favorite decor of the day.  They are actually red paper lunch bags tied together.  Thank you, Martha.  

These cupcakes were one of reasons I wanted to have this party theme in the first place.  However, I was a little disappointed at how quickly the cotton candy disintegrated.  This pic was taken about 1 minute after putting the "hair" on...

This was taken only about 10 minutes after putting on the "hair."  Although it's a great idea, I wish I could have figured out how to do this cupcake instead.  

My favorite party yummy.  These are Oreo Balls, which I've been making way before cake balls came into fashion (at least 6 months prior, at least).  

Although I LOVED the idea of these Cat in the Hat marshmallow pops, I'm not sure they were worth all the trouble.  I only ended up with 6 decent hats because my hubby and I kept cracking the white brims when trying to poke the pop stick in.  

We made several more hat marshmallows without the white brim and just placed them out on a cake stand.  People ate these up!

These are another party favorite at the Esparza house.  I am not crazy about eating these myself, but they are super finger food.  People LOVE these and they are so easy to make!  We made similar pretzel rods at Halloween, but made them into ghosts.  

My first time making our own water bottle labels.  Why haven't I done this before?  It's so easy!

I was up at 2am the night before the party drawing this little baby.  We didn't actually use it, of course...

A fun idea for fruit kabobs...

You can't have a Dr. Seuss party without some green eggs and ham!  I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the ham sand cheese sliders.  They are so yummy!

Of course, I think my green eggs were probably a better idea in my head than they were in reality.  These look a little too much like green dog poop, don't you think?

Outside, we played with bubbles and, later, a water sprinkler toy.  Big brother Merrick came straight from his soccer game where he scored his tenth or eleventh goal of the season!

In the end, I'm not sure it was such a good idea to make a double batch of The World's Best Bubble recipe and then just leave it out in a bucket.  Scoutie Girl used the bucket as her personal bath tub, then progressed from there to washing Sawyer's hair.  It was cute, but not so cute once the soap made it's way into their eyes.

How could we not have an awesome party when we have such fun friends with which to celebrate?!?

A family birthday picture.  Two out three looking...that ain't bad.  

I'll write more later about Scout's dress and also make a post with a couple of the Cat in the Hat printables (water bottle, welcome sign, etc.).

Happy Birthday to my Little Thing One and Thing Two!  Now, to start planning their 3rd birthday party...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silhouette Give Away at Tatertots and Jello!

Jen at Tatertots and Jello is giving away a Silhouette machine!  

I started coveting this machine after I saw all the neat things Shelley from House of Smiths would cook up with her machine.  I am pretty convinced at this point that if I don't get one of these machines that I will die.

How's that for dramatic?  :)

I rarely enter in blog give aways, probably because I don't believe I could actually win.  However, for a free silhouette machine, I'm putting my name in the hat.  I don't care that 3,000 people have already entered.  I will do anything to have a machine that can make cool signs like this one:

So, please.  Do go over to Tatertot's and Jello.  But, DON'T enter the giveaway contest.  I don't need the competition.  :)