Thursday, December 9, 2010

Creative Christmas Card Display

I have a problem!  When we moved to our current home almost two years ago, I lost my Christmas card display thingy.  My husband either saw the move as an opportunity to toss it, or it is currently hiding in the wasteland I call my garage.  So, I'm on the prowl for new ways to display the gorgeous cards we get from our friends and family. 

Here are some of my favorite ideas and tutorials:

A Christmas Corkboard by House and Home

An Evergreen Urn by bhg
Since we have a fake Christmas tree (groan), I would love having a little evergreen around.  Our local grocery store gives away Christmas tree clippings.  I might have to steal some for this.  

Christmas Card Jar Display by All About You

Photo Wreath by Decor8
(OK, I know that those aren't Christmas cards, but I couldn't resist including that beautiful wreath.)

Of course, Martha has to show us all up.  

And here are a few tutorials that I am lovin':

 Embroidery Hoop Card Display by Katydid and Kid

Shutter Card Display by Pretty Handy Girl

 Picture Frame Card Holder by Sassy Sanctuary

And, here's a great idea of what to do with LAST year's cards (of which I have boxes and boxes!):

Christmas Card Runner by Real Simple 

How do you display your Christmas cards?


  1. I like Martha's tree,..but c'mon,...let's be real here,...she handpicked her cards to display so they are all color coordinated and tree-themed. You know you're gonna get a whole variety of themes and colors and shapes. I go with the embroidery hoop as a cool idea,...but not sure how to display the hoop itself...My fav is to just tape em around the frame of a large prominent doorway. Or maybe use a large picture or mirror frame with a nice decorative one or maybe just a thick matte black flat frame, and collage em to fill the space? You could find a big junky one at a good thrift store and mod podge collage it or paint it to match your christmas or living decor...

  2. Thanks for featuring my frame card holder. Cute blog you have here! new follower!

  3. Thanks, Krystal. You're my first follower on my new blog!

  4. Daniel/ArtBrains, I love your picture frame idea!

  5. Thanks for sharing these, including mine! What a great roundup of ideas. I want to make one of each!

  6. I made a Christmas Card wreath this year (but a really big one, 18" across with 30 mini clothespins!) and I hung it on the inside of my front door by looping a ribbon over the hoop and tacking it to the top of the door. I love it!


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