Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to My New Craft Blog!

Welcome to my new craft blog!  I am very excited to have a space all my own to write about my misadventures in sewing, painting, and crafting.

This blog is long overdue.  I have folders upon folders of "to-do crafts" piled upon my desktop that I have found over the past couple of years.  This blog is where I hope to do a better job of cataloging the crafts I'd like to eventually get to (and even some crafts I know I'll never get to).

I also have a somewhat new home I need to decorate, including my very own craft room!  Hopefully, I can share with you the process of my DIY style (and, of course, the DIY styles of others that I'll never be stylish enough to acheive).

So, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa and stick around.  Feel free to email me your craft ideas and tutorials as well!  I'd love to make some new crafty mama friends out of all this.

Happy Crafting,
Leslie Lou

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