Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mama's Christmas Art

This Christmas held some unforgettable moments.  One, for example, was when I learned that my husband's Tia Mirna has no sense of smell...right after I gifted her the most incredible caramel amaretto soy based candle.  

Another unforgettable moment was when my mom opened her Christmas gift from me.  It wasn't a surprise, of course.  She told me flat out, "Leslie, for Christmas, make me a subway art sign."  She promptly followed up with an email with all the words and sayings she'd like on the sign.  

On Christmas day, she sat beside me on the couch and, after all the children had opened their presents, she looked at me and said with a grin, "Leslie, where is my gift from you?" "Ooooh no..." I started.  I tried pretending that I had forgotten to bring it, or worse, that I had completely forgotten to make it.  "Nice try," she said, "I was just in the garage and saw it.  Get off your lazy bum and get me my present."

  What made this Christmas present so special was not that I made it for her from scratch.  I have made many-a Christmas presents for my family.  Every time I learned a new skill - crocheting, knitting, oil painting, sewing - I became obsessed with making homemade gifts for my family.  They were all grateful, of course...then asked me what the gift was as they inspected it looking for clues.  

This year, when my mom opened her gift, I could tell that she was sincerely and completely ecstatic about it.  I could tell the difference.  She showed it to my grandmother with great pride, walking her through the process of how it was made, step by step.  Originally, she had plans get a new piece of furniture and hang it above that.  But, the next day, she called me and announced that she was thinking of hanging it above the mantel.  "It'll change the entire feel of that room, make it more transitional and not so formal-feeling."

It feels so good to make something for someone that they truly love.  

Merry Christmas, Mama.  

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