Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mixed Media Painting

My first gel image transfer painting!

I so enjoyed making this painting.  Not only because I got to try out a new technique, but because of the sentiment this painting holds for me.  I love to see my daughter reading.  My twins were both given literary names because of my love for the written word.  Don't laugh, but "Story" was actually on my list of names for my daughter (hey...I said not to laugh!).  

This painting is going to be part of a collection of 3 paintings for above Lulu's bed.  The other two, I hope, will include one mixed media with a bird theme and one of Lulu and her twin brother.

These colors are a very true representation my little girl's spunk.

A favorite quote from one of my favorite books, To Kill a Mockingbird.  Underneath the quote is a torn piece of scrapbooking paper with a little girl taking a book off a shelf.

Just under and above Lulu's head is a page torn from one of my childhood books.  It's the last page to The Incredible Journey.  I like to look at this and imagine the words that go through Lulu's head as she's reading.

It was difficult to get a decent picture of the painting because of the way the light reflected off the gel image transfer.  This was the best I could do...

Can't wait to get started on the next two!

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  1. what kind of gel did you use? I am also trying to make my own image transfer art onto canvas and it doesn't come out great! Help! Any tips would be a godsend.




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