Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet Silhouettes

I don't know how it began, but I have an obsession with all things silhouette.  

Thankfully, I also have a long standing friendship with GIMP, a freeware that is similar to Photoshop. After I spent a ton of time online researching all the different children's silhouettes out there, I was able to whip up a couple portraits of my own rugrats.  

I've also become quite taken with digital scrapbooking paper.  Love that stuff!  It's so inexpensive, emailed to me within a day (usually from Etsy), and I can use it over and over again.

Here are the silhouettes I made for the twins' room:

The silhouettes were made in GIMP by tracing an actual profile picture I took of them when they were 12 months old.  Then, I just added some cute digital paper and frames!  It was very simple!

I wish I could have taken a good photo of the pictures hanging on either side of the window, but unfortunately the light in their room is not ideal for that shot.  Here's a pic of them framed:

I'm thinking about redoing Finn's picture and filling in the space behind his silhouette with green as well.    Although I like the look of it individually, it definitely looks like it's missing something when next to Lulu's silhouette.  

I loved making these.  I might have to make a few silhouette ornaments for the Christmas tree this year.  Is it too early to start on Christmas decor?!?


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