Thursday, June 16, 2011

Elementary Table Build Complete!

I am so excited to share these photos!  Normally, when I make something, I am very quick to point out the flaws in it.  With this table, however, I keep looking at it and thinking, "I can't believe I built that!" 

For a couple of years, I have had my eye on this table from Land of Nod, but haven't been able to swollow the $500 it would cost to get the table and chairs.   I had all but resigned myself to compromising and getting some less expensive Ikea furniture when I came across Ana White's website.   I about fell out of my chair when I came across the plans to make the same exact style table.  In addition, all of the hundreds of plans on her site are free.  Thank you, Ana!

Here are a few photos:

And, in the play/school room:

Here is proof to all you doubters that I can actually use a power tool!  (Though, technically, I guess this only proves that I can hold a powertool, but I promise I'm using it here.)

One of the best parts of building the furniture is getting to spend time with my husband, Marcos.  I love when we end up in the garage building together after the children have gone to bed, instead of finding ourselves in front of the tv or, worse, in different rooms watching different things on different tvs.  

Here is the work in progress.  Notice the pallet in the background?!?  That's going to be used for our next little project.  All of this furniture is going to be used in Merrick's homeschool room.  After we finish putting the sealer on the table, we are going to make a crate for library books, $5 wall shelves for forward facing books, 2 bookcases inspired by the Land of Nod Cube Collection, and some wall art that I am VERY excited about. 

I can't wait to see the whole room come together.  Here's to hoping I still have all of my fingers once it's all finished...


  1. The table and chairs look awesome! Love the colors and the storage underneath. Awesome job!

  2. Can't believe you made that! Wow, you go girl! It's beautiful :) xo

  3. This looks amazing! My boys could really use something like this in their room. Isn't Ana White the best? :)

    (PS - saw you on Tatertots and Jello!)


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