Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cubby Storage System - Part 1

I've had my eye on the Cameron Storage System from Pottery Barn for about 2 years now.  I love the size of it, the storage it offers, and even the fact that the bottom doubles as a little bench.  The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the $1500ish price tag.  

Amazingly, I came across these plans here on the Ana White web site for how to build the exact same storage system...for only around $350ish!  As you can imagine, I [coxed and pleaded and implored my hubby and then...] immediately jumped in!

Initially, I was going to try to have all the MDF cut at one time.  I thought that would help me to get the most out of each board.  However, after a week of making lists and lists of materials needed and graphs of how each board would be cut (and then realizing I made a mistake and having to start all over), I decided to take it one step at a time.  Also, had I tried getting it all cut at one time, I would have to wait while they made 56ish cuts for me at Home Depot.  

So, I've started on my first open cubby!  I bought enough wood (MDF) to build three cubbies.  After reading about other peoples' experiences online, I decided to paint the inside boards before nailing it all together.  

Deciding on which white to use was also a task!  I definitely didn't want it to be stark white.  I ended up going with Magnolia Blossom, which is a creamy white with a hint of yellow (as opposed to hints of brown or gray).

This is the look with which I hope to end up.  I'm positive that if I have this storage system with little baskets inside, the children will never leave a toy on the floor and the school/playroom will be perfectly picked up all the time....right?....right?!?  

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  1. It's a big project but you will be so happy with it when it's all completed and looking beautiful in your room. Good luck with it.


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